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Justice Information Sharing Practitioners

Justice Information Sharing
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Justice Information Sharing Practitioners

The Justice Information Sharing Practitioners (JISP) is a national network of state, tribal, and local justice and public safety integration practitioners committed to increasing the local, regional, and national sharing of justice information through peer collaboration and facilitation. JISP was created to advance justice information sharing by enhancing communication and sharing information among practitioners.

The JISP Board is comprised of experienced project leaders from local and state information sharing initiatives in the United States. Blending the information, experience, and resources across many sources, agencies, and backgrounds, the JISP effort provides an opportunity for a more pragmatic, holistic, and successful approach to criminal justice information sharing.

JISP coordinates the www.jispnet.org website, a member-only peer forum, and other products and services for practitioners.  For additional information on how to join JISP, go to www.jispnet.org and click on the “Join JISPnet” tab.

Justice Information Sharing Practitioners (JISP) PowerPoint Presentation

Representatives from the Justice Information Sharing Practitioners (JISP) have developed a PowerPoint presentation describing their organization, benefits, and goals. This presentation also includes the JISP mission statement.

Justice Information Sharing Practitioners (JISP “Beacon for Justice”) Newsletter - October 2008

Justice Information Sharing Practitioners (JISP) “Beacon for Justice” quarterly newsletter highlights current initiatives within the justice community.  The October 2008  issue includes a letter to the President, highlights regional criminal justice priorities, and summarizes training opportunities and outreach efforts.