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Training & Technical Assistance Opportunities

Justice Information Sharing
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Training & Technical Assistance Opportunities

The Office of Justice Programs (OJP), Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), supports comprehensive training and technical assistance programs to advance the successful implementation of justice information sharing across the country.  BJA coordinates the implementation of this training and technical assistance through a strategic partnership of national stakeholder organizations known collectively as the Justice Information Sharing Training and Technical Assistance Committee (JTTAC).  JTTAC represents several organizations that play significant leadership roles assisting jurisdictions across the country needing training and technical assistance.

JTTAC members are also active members and support complementary efforts of BJA’s National Training and Technical Assistance Center (NTTAC).  Established in 2008, NTTAC facilitates the delivery of high-quality, strategically focused training and technical assistance (TTA) to achieve safe communities nationwide.  To achieve this mission, BJA NTTAC works to improve the criminal justice system by providing rapid, expert, coordinated, and data-driven TTA to support practitioners in the effort to reduce crime, recidivism, and unnecessary confinement in state, local, and tribal communities.

It is through the collective efforts of the JTTAC members, combined with funding from BJA and mutually supportive NTTAC activities, that the courses and assistance opportunities outlined below are available to the field.

JTTAC Partners



  • NIEM Technical Training Courses
    These course brings flexibility to the student, utilizing an on-demand style of instruction so that students can learn at their own pace and without needing to travel to classroom environments.
    Offered by: NIEM PMO
    Information and Enrollment
  • Cyber Crime Training Programs
    SEARCH's High-Tech Crime Training is comprised of a team of experts who provide training classes, technical workshops and hands-on assistance to local, state, and federal justice and public safety agencies nationwide. From the SEARCH offices in Sacramento, CA, as well as on-site, SEARCH trains and assists investigators in methods to prevent, detect, and investigate the rising tide of computer crime, also referred to as eCrime, cyber crime, or high-tech crime.
    Offered by: SEARCH
    Information and Enrollment
  • Law Enforcement Information Technology Standards Council (LEITSC)
    The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), with support from several agencies within the US Department of Justice, offer a Training and Technical Assistance Program (TTAP) that promotes effective technology management through training, products and resources to help law enforcement executives identify departmental needs and effectively select, implement, and evaluate technology. Of significant importance within the TTAP program is an emphasis on Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management System (RMS) design and procurement challenges, as identified and addressed by the LEITSC Council, which is comprised of IACP, the National Sheriffs Association, The National Organization for Black Law Enforcement Officials, and the Police Executive Research Forum.  IACP also operates a LEITSC help desk to assist law enforcement in using the CAD and RMS functional standards and other products.
    Offered by: International Association of Chiefs of Police
    Information and Enrollment
  • Technical Privacy Training
    This website offers many resources to information-sharing partners in the public domain who seek technical solutions for enforcing access-control policies governing protected data. Supported by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, the National Center for State Courts welcomes your feedback about the content, your suggestions for additional resources, and your requests for technical assistance.
    Offered by: NCSC
    Information and Enrollment

Technical Assistance 

  • Justice Technical Assistance Program
    JTTAC partners offer technology assistance to state and local jurisdictions to assist with the planning and implementation of information sharing projects in the justice, public safety, and homeland security domains. Engagements range from simple question and answer phone calls to 1-5 days of on-site assistance, depending on complexity. Inquire through the point of contact below for additional information and how to get started.
    Offered by: JTTAC Partners
    Information and Enrollment
  • Justice Information Sharing Practitioners Network
    As a network of state and local justice information sharing practitioners, the Justice Information Sharing Practitioners Network (JISPnet) helps promote best practices, standards, and resources for solving information sharing issues within criminal and juvenile justice at local, state, and national levels. In the past year, JISPnet has brought together over 900 members from across the United States and beyond to share ideas, concepts, standards, experiences, and resources within its peer network through the use of online forums, special events, and online seminars.
    Offered by: National Criminal Justice Association
    Information and Enrollment
  • Enterprise Architecture Program Toolkit & Resources
    The NASCIO Enterprise Architecture Cooperative works to enable quality leadership, coordination, communication, and technology decisions throughout government with emphasis on state implementation. The tools available here contain a large selection of informational briefings and publications on topics both technical and policy-oriented, including a focus on data governance challenges and solutions.
    Offered by: National Association of State Chief Information Officers
    Information and Enrollment
  • Justice Information Sharing Policy Academy Program
    The National Governors Association facilitates national Policy Academies to address various topics in information sharing that are of current interest to state governments. It is designed to shepherd participants from concept to operation of a particular initiative, such as Developing a Privacy Policy or Combating Identity Theft, and includes relevant training and technical assistance. As the process is offered at no cost to participants, selection is often limited and competitive.
    Offered by: National Governors Association
    Information and Enrollment
  • National Criminal Intelligence Resource Center
    The National Criminal Intelligence Resource Center maintains a calendar of all training, technical assistance, and informational events in the justice community related to the criminal intelligence function of law enforcement registered through their official site. Often, training is open to multiple organizations, and partnership opportunities for training are always encouraged.
    Offered by: Institute for Intergovernmental Research
    Information and Enrollment

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