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The governance topic of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Policy Development Guide and Implementation Templates refers to the roles and responsibilities of those who initiate privacy and civil liberties policy development, those with the ultimate responsibility of producing the policy, and those tasked with the primary responsibility for ensuring implementation and compliance.

It is important to have the structure and support for the planning effort clearly defined at the outset. The governance method used in this Guide is the collaborative project team approach. Guidance is provided for how to select a project champion to drive the effort, how to choose the project team leader to direct and manage the project on a day-to-day basis, and how to build and structure the project team in order to lend broad viewpoints and substantive knowledge to the process. Finally, the Guide emphasizes the importance of soliciting input from stakeholders—external agencies or individuals that are essential to the development and implementation of the privacy and civil liberties policy but who are not on the project team. In addition, this section provides valuable suggestions on how to determine and justify resource needs.

The systematic process of building commitment among team members and key stakeholders to meet a common mission and goal is essential to ensure acceptance of the policy by those most affected by its implementation.