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Performance Measures

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BJA Training and Technical Assistance Providers

Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) providers are required to report into the BJA Training and Technical Assistance Reporting Portal (BJA TTARP) on a semiannual basis; however, the BJA National Training and Technical Assistance Center (NTTAC) Team encourages providers to enter data on TTA and deliverable activities as soon as work begins. The reporting period deadlines are January 30 (for the July–December reporting period) and July 30 (for the January–June reporting period). If you are unsure if your award is required to report in the BJA TTA Reporting Portal, please reach out to your BJA Policy Advisor or Grant Manager.

The BJA TTARP includes several reporting capabilities that enhance the way BJA and its TTA providers capture, track, and report on TTA and deliverable activities. The system enables users to obtain a comprehensive, real-time awareness of TTA and deliverable activities. BJA staff use this system to access information about TTA engagements and deliverables across providers, which support many of their work activities.

Additional features include the ability to:

  • Record and retain standardized information about TTA and deliverable activities to support calls for information, grant management, and reporting requirements.
  • Inform BJA TTA providers about others’ TTA activities to promote collaboration and information-sharing.
  • Provide an inventory of TTA and deliverable resources to facilitate broader use and adoption of federally funded deliverables across TTA providers and recipients.
  • Capture key performance metrics and outputs of TTA activities.

For information on how to create an account in the BJA TTARP, please reference the Creating a BJA TTARP Account guide. For resources and guidance on how to access and report data in the TTA Reporting Portal, please reference the TTA Reporting Portal FAQs and the BJA TTA Reporting Guide.

Users who have created an account can access additional resources within the TTA Reporting Portal Interest Group housed in the TTA Collaboration Portal portion of the BJA NTTAC website. These resources include a User Guide, Data Dictionary, and training videos. The BJA NTTAC Team is also available to answer questions or host a one-on-one coaching session with providers about the TTA Reporting Portal. To reach the BJA NTTAC Team, contact:

Date Modified: July 20, 2023
Date Created: June 14, 2021