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Congressional Badge of Bravery: State and Local Illustration

Law Enforcement Congressional Badge of Bravery
A color illustration of the state Badge of Bravery medal on a ribbon
Color illustration of the reverse view of the federal Badge of Bravery medal on a ribbon
a color illustration of the lapel pin that accompanies the state/local badge of bravery award


SYMBOLISM: Dark blue is for loyalty and is a traditional color used by law enforcement. Red is for bravery, and white represents purity of purpose. Gold is emblematic of honor. The cross is used often for acts of bravery and personal sacrifice on badges. The annulet symbolizes fidelity and the 50 stars, representing 50 states, highlight the state and local level of the award. The badge represents protection and is representative of the official shields used to identify law enforcement officials. The Congressional seal and the U.S. Capitol dome emphasizes the medal as being a high-level award presented by Congress to law enforcement personnel. The wreath supporting the scroll inscribed with “BRAVERY” represents high achievement, courage, and professionalism.


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