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Justice Information Sharing
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Legislative Tracking

The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) is a key resource for individuals who are interested in legislation that is being proposed and enacted upon at the state level. The NCSL Web site provides general information concerning justice information systems, as well as sample state statutes and links to other sources of information. NCSL tracks legislation that directly affects integrated justice information systems projects and initiatives. They have also produced the NCSL National Bill Text and Status System that tracks and categorizes bills into specific topic areas.

Authorizing Legislation

Governance legislation and executive orders are often used to establish justice information sharing and technology integration programs. These acts institutionalize support for a program and can include the project purpose, organizational and governance information, and the roles and responsibilities of organizational members. Comparative review of this type of information can help in the development of new programs and governance structures.

Alaska Statutes 12.62.100

Alaska Statutes 12.62.100 created Alaska's Criminal Justice Information Advisory Board to advise on the development and operation of a central repository, other justice information systems, regulations and procedures, and the estimated costs of these resources.


Arkansas Executive Order 03-04

The Arkansas Legislature's Act 848 of 1999 and Act 1272 of 2001 established the Integrated Justice Information System Coordinating Council as well as a Local Government Advisory Group, which govern the Arkansas Integrated Justice Information Systems (IJIS) Project. When the legislation expired in 2003, the Council was re-established by the Governor’s Executive Order 03-04. The link provided above takes you to the About Us page for Arkansas's IJIS Project for more information and direct links to the legislation.


Connecticut Public Act No. 99-14

Connecticut Public Act No. 99-14 established the governing board for Connecticut's Justice Information System (CJIS). Subsequent legislation revised and repealed portions of the Act.


Delaware Code 11-86

Delaware Code, Title 11, Chapter 86, establishes the Delaware Criminal Justice Information System (DELJIS) and its governing board.


Illinois Executive Order 12 (2001)

Illinois Executive Order 12 (2001) establishes the Illinois Integrated Justice Information System (IIJIS) Governing Board, which is charged with mapping the strategy and process for justice information system integration in Illinois.


Indiana House Bill 1869

This legislation created the Integrated Public Safety Commission (IPSC) which is the body responsible for the Indiana Project Hoosier SAFE-T.


Kentucky Revised Statutes 15A.040

Kentucky Revised Statutes 15A.040 created the Kentucky Criminal Justice Council and defines its membership, responsibilities, and duties.


Louisiana Revised Statutes 15:1228

Louisiana Revised Statutes (RS) 15:1228-1228.8 created the Integrated Criminal Justice Information System (ICJIS) Policy Board. Users can access the individual sections of the law at 15:122815:1228.115:1228.215:1228.315:1228.415:1228.515:1228.615:1228.715:1228.8.


Minnesota Statutes 299C.65

Minnesota Statutes 299C.65 establishes the governance, administration, and organization of the Minnesota CriMNet program.


Missouri Revised Statutes 43.518

The Missouri Revised Statutes Section 43.518 establishes a Criminal Records and Justice Information Advisory Committee within the Department of Public Safety and defines the Committee’s responsibilities and membership.


North Carolina General Statute 143-661

North Carolina General Statute 143-661 established the Criminal Justice Information Network Governing Board within the Department of Justice, State Bureau of Investigation, to operate the North Carolina Criminal Justice Information Network (CJIN).


North Dakota Executive Order 2001-01

North Dakota Executive Order 2001-01 established the Criminal Justice Information Executive Committee and the Criminal Justice Information Board (CJIB) and defined the membership and responsibilities of these bodies.


Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 181.725

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 181.725 establishes the Criminal Justice Information Standards Advisory Board that governs the Oregon Criminal Justice Information Standards (CJIS) Program.


Virginia Code 9.1-100

Virginia Code Section 9.1-100 establishes the Criminal Justice Services Board (CJSB), which governs the Virginia Integrated Criminal Justice Information System (ICJIS) Initiative.


Washington State Revised Code 10.98.160

Revised Code of Washington 10.98.160 establishes the Criminal Justice Information Act (CJIA) Executive Committee, which governs the Washington Justice Information Network (JIN) Initiative.


Wisconsin Statutes 16.971(9)

Wisconsin Statutes 16.971(9) establishes governance for the Wisconsin Justice Information Sharing (WIJIS) Project.