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Request for Proposal

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Request for Proposal (RFP)

The acquisition of equipment, software, and professional services required for technology-related initiatives is a complex process. Not only must an organization understand the products and services being purchased, they must also understand licensing agreements, maintenance agreements, and the fast pace at which technology products and services change. As a result, the request for proposal for information technology procurement has become a highly structured document that specifically outlines minimally acceptable functional, technical, and contractual requirements, as well as the evaluation criteria that will govern a contract award.

A Guide to Applying Information Technology in Law Enforcement
This document provides information concerning the creation of RFPs for justice integration projects.

COSCA/NACM Joint Technology Committee Model RFP
In this document, the Conference of State Court Administrators, in partnership with the National Association for Court Management, provides an acquisition methodology for technology and related professional services. It begins with an introductory description of goals that courts should adopt when procuring hardware, software, or professional services and provides a suggested process for generating an RFP.

IJIS Institute Pre-RFP Toolkit
The Pre-RFP Toolkit provides guidance in several areas critical to pre-procurement planning and readiness assessment, ranging from defining integrated justice for your community, to assessing support and governance, to developing strategic plans and project requirements (both technical and functional). The toolkit provides links to key resources, templates, and examples from practitioners and vendors who have gone through the procurement process and have implemented successful justice information sharing systems.

Alaska Public Safety Information - Network Redesign Project Request for Proposal
This website provides an RFP for the design, engineering, and installation of a new statewide criminal justice information system for the state of Alaska. An RFP Questions and Answers page is also provided.

Arizona Criminal Justice Information Integration System Request for Proposals
This document is an example of a call for proposals from the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission.

Connecticut Dept. of Public Safety - Information Systems IT Assessment Request for Proposal
This document is a request for proposal for a technology assessment which was issued by the Connecticut Department of Public Safety.

Delaware Division of Support Services - Request for Proposals Language
This website provides example language to be used in requests for proposals when submitting to agencies in Delaware.

Illinois, Kane County - Integrated Judicial System Technical Requirements Request for Proposal
This document is an RFP reporting on the technical requirements for an integrated judicial system. It was issued by the Kane County, Illinois, Judicial Subcommittee.

Indiana IT Oversight Commission - IT Procurement Process
This Web page provides procurement process information for the state of Indiana's information technology department. It is designed in a five-step process and includes a sample RFP.

Kansas Dept. of Administration, Office of Procurement and Contracts
This RFP form provides the RFP language and format used by agencies in the state of Kansas.

Maryland Dept. of IT - Consulting & Technical Services Contracts FAQ
This website contains useful questions and answers regarding the RFP process in Maryland, such as finding RFPs in the technology area, Developing a Quality TORFP, and Writing a Quality TORFP.

Minnesota, Hennepin County - Criminal Justice System Information Integration Request for Proposal
This RFP was issued by Hennepin County, Minnesota, for a criminal justice system information integration project.

Montana Dept. of Administration - The RFP Process
This website includes documents provided to assist agencies in the state of Montana with the request for proposal process.

Nebraska Criminal Justice Information Systems Advisory Committee - Request for Proposal
This RFP was written in preparation of a justice technology integration program in the state of Nebraska.

Nevada Department of Information Technology, Contract Administration - Requests for Proposals
This website contains documents provided to assist agencies in the state of Nevada with the RFP process. Scroll until you find sections discussing RFP.

New Mexico General Services Dept. - RFP Development
This website provides helpful document on the RFP process, such as the RFP Procedure Guide for New Mexico, example RFPs, and reference materials useful in constructing the different segments of an RFP.

New York State Office of General Services - Request for Proposal Template
This document was developed to aid in the construction of request for proposals for services in the state of New York.

North Dakota IT Department - Sample RFP
This sample RFP is provided as a guide for RFP development surrounding the procurement of information technology services.

Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration - Requests for Proposals Archive
This website contains archived sample RFPs that can be used as guides for individuals creating RFPs in the state of Tennessee.