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Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program

Prohibited and Controlled Equipment Guidance

Consistent with Executive Order 14074 (Advancing Effective, Accountable Policing and Criminal Justice Practices To Enhance Public Trust and Public Safety, May 25, 2022), award condition “Compliance with restrictions on the use of federal funds: Prohibited and Controlled Equipment under OJP awards” provides lists of items that are prohibited under all OJP awards, and items that are “controlled” under all OJP awards. Separately, the JAG statute, at 34 U.S.C. § 10152, prohibits the use of JAG funds for certain items, and prohibits the use of JAG funds for other items unless BJA grants a waiver. The JAG Prohibited and Controlled Equipment Guidance for Awards Made During or After (federal) Fiscal Year 2023 provides lists, details, definitions, and procedures for prohibited and controlled expenditures and equipment under the BJA JAG Program for awards made during or after FY 2023, consistent with both Executive Order 14074 and 34 U.S.C. § 10152. Note: the use of BJA grant funds for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), including unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV), and all accompanying accessories to support UAS or UAV remains unallowable.

Guidance on prohibited and controlled expenditures under the JAG program for awards made prior to FY 2023 can be found at https://bja.ojp.gov/doc/jag-controlled-purchase-list-pre-2023.pdf.

Date Modified: June 29, 2023
Date Created: May 23, 2022