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Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program

Reporting Requirements

Review the current JAG Reporting Requirements: JAG recipients are required to submit quarterly accountability metrics reports, quarterly Financial Status Reports (SF-425s), and an *annual programmatic report (*FY 2015 JAG awards and forward will submit semi-annual programmatic reports). Although JAG grantees and subgrantees are required to report on quarterly accountability measures through BJA’s Performance Measurement Tool (PMT), those reports are intended to promote greater transparency about the use of JAG funds and do not determine the amount of JAG funds allocated to a state and/or localities.

Death in Custody Reporting Act (DCRA): Beginning in FY 2019, BJA will require reporting from states pursuant to DCRA. DCRA requires states and federal law enforcement agencies to report certain information to the Attorney General regarding the death of any person occurring during interactions with law enforcement officers or while in custody. All reporting for DCRA will be submitted via the BJA Performance Management Tool (PMT). See the DCRA performance measures. Additional information can be found in the DCRA FAQs.

Review the most recent JAG Variable Pass-through information VPT: State Administering Agencies (SAA) are required to use this updated VPT data in the administration of FY 2014 and all future JAG awards.

Date Created: December 9, 2019