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List of Programs


The Bureau of Justice Assistance supports programs and initiatives in various areas, including corrections, courts, drugs and substance use, forensic sciences, law enforcement, mental health, and tribal justice. View a list below or use the Search Filters feature to conduct a keyword search of programs.

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Adult Treatment Court Program

This program supports state, local, and tribal efforts to plan, implement, and enhance the operations of adult treatment courts, including tribal healing to wellness courts.

BJA Tribal Consultation

The purpose of the BJA Tribal Consultation with Tribal Leaders and Authorized Tribal Designees is to identify criminal justice policy issues and tribal priorities that support tribal justice strategies in order to achieve safer communities.

Body-Worn Camera Partnership Program

This program is for law enforcement agencies, including tribal law enforcement, seeking to pilot, establish, or enhance body-worn camera policy and implementation practices.

Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation (BCJI) Program

This program is a strategic approach to crime reduction that leverages community knowledge and expertise by focusing on community-led efforts, working with law enforcement and other local partners to support prevention and intervention efforts on neighborhoods where crime is concentrated or crime "hotspots."

Byrne Discretionary Grant Program

This program supports projects designated for funding to improve the functioning of the criminal justice system, prevent or combat juvenile delinquency, and assist victims of crime (other than compensation).

Byrne State Crisis Intervention Program (SCIP)

Byrne SCIP provides funding for the creation and/or implementation of state crisis intervention court proceedings, extreme risk protection order programs, and related gun violence reduction programs/initiatives.

Collaborative Crisis Response and Intervention Training Program

This program supports law enforcement partnerships with mental health, substance use disorder, and community service agencies to improve responses to individuals in crisis who have behavioral health conditions or intellectual, developmental, or physical disabilities.

Community Courts Initiative

This initiative supports state, local, and federally recognized tribal governments to establish and enhance community courts, which are neighborhood-focused court programs that combine the power of the community and the justice system to address local problems.

Community Supervision Resource Center

The Community Supervision Resource Center serves pretrial, probation, and parole supervision agencies and helps them to align their operations with best and evidence-based practices.

Community Supervision Strategies

This grant program seeks to enhance community supervision agencies’ capacity to help reduce recidivism among, and improve outcomes for, people under supervision by using the swift, certain, and/or fair principles of intervention.

Community-based Reentry Incubator Initiative

This program builds programmatic, financial, and organizational capacity in community-based organizations and faith-based institutions to provide sustainable and transitional services to people leaving incarceration.

Community-based Reentry Program

This program supplies funding and technical assistance to nonprofit organizations and tribal governments to provide comprehensive reentry services to individuals who have been incarcerated.