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List of Programs


The Bureau of Justice Assistance supports programs and initiatives in various areas, including corrections, courts, drugs and substance use, forensic sciences, law enforcement, mental health, and tribal justice. View a list below or use the Search Filters feature to conduct a keyword search of programs.

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Strengthening the Medical Examiner-Coroner System Program

This program helps address the extreme shortage of board-certified forensic pathologists in the United States and provides medical examiner and coroner offices with the resources to become accredited and maintain that accreditation.

Swift, Certain, and Fair Supervision Program

This program provides state, local, and tribal community supervision agencies with information, resources, and technical assistance to advance their responses to the behavior of adults on supervision to improve supervision outcomes and reduce recidivism.

Tribal Justice Systems Infrastructure Program (TJSIP)

TJSIP assists tribes in developing effective strategies to cost effectively renovate, expand, or replace existing facilities associated with the incarceration and rehabilitation of juvenile and adult offenders subject to tribal jurisdiction.

Tribal Justice Systems Program (CTAS Purpose Area 3)

The overall purpose of this program is to provide key funding to tribal justice systems to develop, support, and enhance adult tribal justice systems and prevent violent crime and crime related to opioid, alcohol, and other substance abuse.