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Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN)

Certification Process

U.S. Attorney Certification Process for the Fiscal Agent

In making such certifications, the U.S. Attorney must consider the following questions. If the answer to any question is no, then the applicant is not eligible for further consideration under the grant program. Some of the questions below are specific to the PSN program; as a result, you may need to craft a few questions to meet the needs of your Anti-Gang strategy.

  • Does the applicant's proposal support the PSN Team activities, mission, and goals?
  • Is the applicant suitably located to serve the needs of the initiative and otherwise able to meet the needs of the PSN Team?
  • Is the applicant's proposal consistent with the following national priorities for PSN?
    • Increased prosecution of violent organizations using federal conspiracy, racketeering, narcotics, and all other available laws aggressively to attack and punish violent drug traffickers, violent street gangs, and violent robbery rings.
    • Heightened enforcement of all federal laws against illegal gun traffickers, as well as corrupt federal firearms licensees who supply them, with an emphasis on traffickers who supply illegal firearms to violent organizations and to juveniles.
    • Renewed aggressive enforcement of existing federal firearms laws against those persons who are prohibited from possessing firearms or who use firearms in furtherance of illegal activities, including those persons denied under the Brady Act.
  • Is the applicant an eligible organization? Note: The USAO is specifically asked not to consider compliance or non-compliance with 8 U.S.C. Section 1373 in making this assessment. That review will occur within a 30 day review period at the Department.
  • Is the applicant free from allegations of criminal misconduct and current investigation?
  • Are the U.S. Attorney and all members of his or her staff who will be involved in the PSN program free from any conflicting financial interests pursuant to 5 C.F.R. § 2635.402
  • Are the U.S. Attorney and all members of his or her staff who will be involved in the PSN program free of business or personal relationships with the applicant such that the U.S. Attorney's impartiality or that of a member of his or her staff could be called into question pursuant to 5 C.F.R. § 2635.502?

After the U.S. Attorney has determined which of the applicant organizations can be certified and are therefore eligible for consideration by the selection committee, the U.S. Attorney will forward written notice of the certifications to the committee.

Date Modified: May 25, 2021
Date Created: December 27, 2019