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Body-Worn Camera Toolkit

Implementing an effective body-worn camera (BWC) program involves far more than procuring and disseminating equipment to officers. Before launching a program, an agency should develop a comprehensive plan and engage a broad group of criminal justice stakeholders and community members. Working groups composed of these individuals should help develop documented policies and procedures that address the six most common BWC policy areas (video capture, viewing, use, release, storage, and audits/controls). Technical solutions are designed and procured based on an agency's specific hardware and software requirements that leverage regional data storage opportunities and larger government procurements. Lastly, an effective BWC program is supported by a comprehensive communication and education campaign that involves stakeholders in law enforcement, courts, prosecution, the defense bar, civic leadership, labor organizations, victim and juvenile advocacy, the media, and the public. As such, many programs launch in phases and include post-implementation evaluation, monitoring, and measurement.

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Implementing a Body-Worn Camera Program


This Police Executive Research Forum document captures lessons-learned and recommendations for implementing body-worn camera programs

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NIJ Primer

NIJ BWC Primer

NLECTC published a primer that answers basic questions about body-worn cameras and implementation issues

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Flyer for guidance for the use of body-worn cameras

Canada’s BWC Implementation Guidance Document

Guidance for the Use of Body-Worn Cameras by Law Enforcement Authorities

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Poster for 2014 College of Policing Body-Worn Video

UK Recommendations

The UK College of Policing released a recommendation document to assist agencies wishing to implement body-worn video programs

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Expert Panel

BJA Expert Panel

Justice professionals representing law enforcement, courts, prosecution, public defense, labor organizations, and advocates for privacy, victims, and juveniles initiated Toolkit discussions

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Flyer for OJP Comprehensive Body-Worn Camera Program


Office of Justice Programs Comprehensive Body-Worn Camera Program

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Implementation FAQs