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Body-Worn Camera Toolkit

Although empirical research on the outcomes of the use of body-worn cameras (BWC) has been limited to reduction in the number of community member complaints, correlations have been seen between the use of BWCs and reductions in officer use-of-force incidents. In the United Kingdom, Inspector Steve Goodier of the Hampshire Constabulary says that the extended use of BWCs creates "an elevation in civility of police and community interactions."

Subject matter experts agree that implementing an effective BWC program requires a comprehensive understanding and exploration of key policy, technology, privacy, funding, training, and outreach considerations with direct input from all affected stakeholders, including law enforcement, prosecution, information technology, labor organizations, civic leaders, and community members.

BWC Podcast Series

For more about these topics, please check out the BWC Podcast Series.

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Poster for NIJ's Market Survey on Body-Worn Camera Technologies

NIJ releases BWC Market Survey


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Poster for NIJ's Primer on Body Worn Camera Technologies

NIJ releases Primer on BWC Technologies


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Edmonton Police Service

Edmonton Police Service BWC Final Report

Final Report of the Edmonton Police Service Body Worn Video Pilot Project June 2015

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Police Officer Body-Worn Cameras

Study Assesses Evidence

OJP Diagnostic Center publishes an assessment of the evidence to inform conversations about the impact, perceived benefits, and important considerations of using police-worn body cameras

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Orlando Police Department Executive Summary

Evaluating the Impact of Police Officer Body-Worn Cameras (BWCs):

The Orlando Police Department (OPD) Experience

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Phoenix Smart Policing Initiative

Phoenix, Arizona, Smart Policing Initiative

Evaluating the Impact of Police Officer Body-Worn Cameras August 2015

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