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Body-Worn Camera Toolkit

A growing number of communities across the United States have implemented body-worn camera (BWC) programs. Many agencies have shared their resources here because their experiences can inform future legislation, procurement, implementation, and other aspects of BWC programs.

In 2015, at least 37 states and the District of Columbia considered body camera legislation, while 20 of those states and the District enacted new laws. Fifteen states have statues that require or recommend the audio and visual recording of statements made by persons in police custody, and another four are considering legislation addressing the recording of custodial interrogations. In 2016, 22 states and the District are considering body camera legislation, and five of those states - Florida, Minnesota, Indiana, Utah, Washington - and the District enacted new laws. Twenty-five states in total have created laws for body cameras.

BWC Podcast Series

For more about these topics, please check out the BWC Podcast Series.

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Subject Matter Experts Share

Featured Resources

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NCSL Tracks Legislation

The National Conference of State Legislatures monitors and reviews various topics related to police use of body-worn cameras and the legislation around them.

Review Website

NIJ Primer

NIJ Market Survey

The National Institute of Justice reviews body-worn cameras and documents features, functions, and products

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Police Officer Body-Worn Cameras

Study Assesses Evidence

OJP Diagnostic Center publishes an assessment of the evidence to inform conversations about the impact, perceived benefits, and important considerations of using police-worn body cameras

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A poster showing a picture of Barack Obama and another man above the words "President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing"

21st Century Policing Task Force

The 21st Century Policing Task Force heard testimony about the use of body-worn cameras and the intricacies of effectively implementing this policing strategy

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