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Body-Worn Camera Toolkit

Wearable camera systems can be a valuable tool for law enforcement agencies. Specifically, the National Institute of Justice's Body-Worn-Camera Market Survey states that body-worn cameras (BWC) "offer potential advantages in keeping officers safe, enabling situational awareness, improving community relations and accountability and providing evidence for trial."

BWC systems typically include a camera, microphone, and battery pack that can be mounted on an officers' person. Additional components to consider include docking and charging abilities, video storage, evidentiary controls, and privacy redaction functions. When designing a technology solution or selecting a BWC provider, it is important to understand and evaluate how each solution compares to, and fulfills, the operational and specification needs of the agency in question and relevant jurisdictional laws. Take some time to review these technology-focused frequently asked questions, resources, and example requests for proposals when implementing a BWC program.

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Poster for NIJ's Market Survey on Body-Worn Camera Technologies

NIJ releases BWC Market Survey


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Poster for NIJ's Primer on Body Worn Camera Technologies

NIJ releases Primer on BWC Technologies


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Flyer for body-worn video cameras for law enforcement assessment report

SAVER Overview

DHS's System Assessment and Validation for Emergency Responders (SAVER) program provides a comprehensive review of body-worn cameras and their possible impacts to civil liberties and rights

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Flyer for Body-Worn Camera Guidelines to help formulate model policy for an evolving technology

COPS Policy Guidelines

Guidelines to help formulate model policy for an evolving technology around Body-Worn Cameras

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Technology FAQs